RC-5400 HD/SD SDI Re-Clocking 1x4 DA


The Maxtron RC-5400 is a small, low-cost, 1x4 SD/HD (dual-rate) re-clocking distribution amplifier featuring four separately buffered HD/SD-SDI outputs. The RC-5400 provides automatic input cable equalization up to 175 meters at 1.45GHz. Output #1 is failsafe protected using a dry-contact 3GHz relay to provide signal pass through in case of power failure.

An included adaptive equalizer measures the amplitude of the the signal applied to the RC-5400 and applies equalization based upon this attenuated level. After the level has be compensated, the data is written into hardware registers and read out with a stable clock. Two of the major specifications for a re-clocker are it's jitter tolerance -- how much jitter can there be on the input, and the amount of residual jitter -- how much jitter gets through to the output. The jitter tolerance for the RC-5400 is >6UI and the residual jitter at the output is

Powered by standard 5V wall mounted power supply (provided), and protected with automatic reset fuses, these units incorporate built-in power surge and transit protection. All Maxtron products are RoHS and Green compliant.


  • Inputs: HD/SD: SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 344M, SMPTE 259M, DVB-ASI compliant, 1x BNC
  • Outputs: HD/SD: HD-SDI, SDI, Equalized and re-clocked, 800mv, 3x BNC HD/SD: HD-SDI, SDI, Equalized, re-clocked, and failsafe bypass, 800mv, BNC
  • Equalization: HD: 175m @ 1.5Gb/s with Belden 1694A or equal SD: 375m @ 270Mb/s with Belden 1694A or equal
  • Jitter Tolerance: HD/SD: >6 UI @ 1.5Gb/s
  • Output Jitter: HD/SD:
  • LED Indicator: HD Lock - Green; SD Lock - Amber; No Lock - Red; Bypass - OFF
  • Formats Supported: HD: SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 344M SD: SMPTE 259M, DVB-ASI at 270 Mbps

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