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TG-5130 Multi-Format SDI Pattern Generator+ Voice + OSD

The TG-5130 is a full featured, multi-pattern, multi-format, SMPTE 259M/292M SD/HD-SDI test signal generator with embedded 16-Channel voice ID’s, audio tones and OSD. The TG-5130 expands upon the Maxtron TG-5120 with more control over the embedded audio and the addition of one-line of up to 20 characters of text on-screen. Embedded voice tags repeat the channel ID every 15 seconds, leaving no doubts or confusion about which audio channel is being monitored. A third thumb-wheel is added to select various audio modes and tone pairs, including both silent and mute. Both the US -20dBFS and European -18dBFS reference levels are supported via internal jumper.

The pattern lineup for the TG-5130 includes patterns specifically designed for the emerging 3D video applications and Cr and Cb ramps. Others patterns include the moving zoneplate which is used to expose video compression and scaling artifacts and the pathological pattern which is used to stress the SDI receiver PLL’s in the signal path. There is a traveling wizard that moves, in a ping-pong fashion, about the screen to help reveal dropped or repeated fields/frames, and frozen video in frame stores and MPEG encoders. Also included is a proprietary A/V Sync video flash pattern with coincident gated audio designed to permit measuring the exact system audio-video delay.

Rugged and durable, the TG-5130 includes internal Lithium-ion battery and universal AC adapter. The battery can charged from the AC adapter or a Micro-B USB cable. The housing is a mechanically rigid, extruded aluminum box, with laser cut openings for the I/O. Pattern, format, and audio mode selects use push-wheels which are not prone to being accidently changed and always show the exact status of the generator.

  • 2 SMPTE 259M/292M compliment outputs
  • 10 patterns, including 4-pixel checkerboard for 3D applications
  • 2 SD formats and 8 HD formats
  • Full 10/20-bit pattern generation
  • 16-Channel embedded audio with voicing and tones
  • Designed for Portable or Bench applications with lab quality signals
  • Extremely small size - 4 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches
  • 100-240VAC external power supply included
  • Internal Li-ion Battery Pack
  • One-line 20 Character OSD generator included
Patterns SW A/B:
  • RP219 + Motion +Circle
  • 75% Color bars/+Circle
  • Moving Zoneplate
  • Red/Cr Ramp
  • Green/Checkerboard
  • Blue/Cb Ramp
  • White/10 Stairstep
  • Black/Y Ramp
  • Pathological/A/V Sync
  • Convergence/+Circle
Formats Audio (L/R):
  • 486i59.94 - None
  • 576i50 - Mute
  • 720p59.94  - 1/1k
  • 1080i59.94 - 1/.4k
  • 720p50 - .4/1k
  • 1080i50 - .4/.4k
  • 1080p29.97 - 1/1k Vo
  • 1080p23.98 - 1/.4k Vo
  • 1080(sF)24 - .4/1k Vo
  • 1080p25 - .4/.4k Vo